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inspirational quotes : IGNITE YOUR SOUL – Inspirationz Motivational Video (with full credits)

inspirational quotes

An amazing showcase video of motivational prints you can buy for your home or office walls or as a personalised gift. We at Inspirationz Inc set out to create the world’s most inspiring and best motivational video to celebrate the launch of our revolutionary motivational wall art catalogue. We wanted to provide you with an experience you can call upon whenever you need a spiritual boost; something that you can plug into to fuel and refuel your passion for life. The result is this video, which we have named: ‘IGNITE YOUR SOUL’. With masterpieces from some of the world’s greatest sculptors and painters, and prose from some of the world’s greatest prophets, poets and sages who have ever lived, combined with an epic soundtrack by Rob Dougan, we like to think that our aim has been achieved … but … we shall leave it up to you, the viewer, to be the judge. We invite you to let us know what you think, and to browse our webstore at where you can select and purchase your favorite design as a motivational wall art print. We also invite YOU to be the one to inspire by sharing the video with others. Thank you for watching, and aim high! Team Inspirationz. Visit to view our full catalogue. List of contributing artists to IGNITE YOUR SOUL: Albin Polasek Antoine Bourdelle Auguste Rodin Bill Mack Caspar Friedrich Daniel Chester French David Knowles Evelyn Beatrice Longman Gabriel Picart Giambologna Henri Regnault Ivan Shadr Joseph Sheppard
Video Rating: 4 / 5

– inspirational quotes

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