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inspirational music : Inspirational Music

inspirational music

Inspirational Music

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This is my tribute to just some of the few amazing composed songs out there. I really wish I could have added more, the decisions were tough! I chose these 10 out of so many others I could have chosen, including: Immediate Music, Requiem, tones of game and movie soundtracks (Pans Labyrinth, LOTR, Assassins Creed, Morrowind, you name it) The art I have added is solely copyright to the owners listed in the video, as well as the music, and I in no way own any of it. I admire it! 10.) Steve Jablonsky – Prime 9.) James Howard – King Kong 8.) Steve Jablonsky – Barricade 7.) James Douley – Trinity 6.) Halo Legends – Sacred Icon Suite 2 5.) Hans Zimmer – 160 BPM 4.) WOTLK Soundtrack – Arthas, My Son 3.) Hans Zimmer – He’s a Pirate 2.) Ramin Djwadi – Release the Kraken 1.) God of War III – Lion Fangs
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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