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inspirational speeches : A Flash of Inspiration

inspirational speeches

MY WEBSITE – – TUTORIALS! Follow me on Twitter Like my page: Motivational video. ———————————————————————— Music: Approaching Nirvana – Song – ———————————————————————— I really wanted to do something with this inspirational speech, and so that’s what i have done using Cristiano Ronaldo’s path to accompany. The main speech is the famous words from Rocky, and also the last part is from the film “Coach Carter”. Much love 🙂

Motivational speaker Josh Sundquist can speak at your COLLEGE — HIGH SCHOOL/TEEN CONFERENCE — ANYTHING ELSE — Twitter Facebook Tumblr Download my audiobook for FREE: Ampu-T-Shirts: FAQ About my book, JUST DON’T FALL: Hire inspirational motivational speaker Josh Sundquist: HOW TO BRING ME TO SPEAK HIGH SCHOOL/TEEN CONFERENCE — Send your principal, SGA/SCA, or PTA this website: COLLEGE — Email your school’s Director of Student Activities ANYTHING ELSE — Send the event planner here: And yes, I will speak anywhere in the world. Including where you live. ABOUT JOSH Josh Sundquist is a motivational speaker, cancer survivor, and national bestselling author who has been featured on CNN and in USA TODAY and has spoken to thousands at Fortune 500 companies and association conventions across the country. In his motivational speeches, Josh inspires organizations and individuals to adopt his ski racing motto 1mt1mt (“one more thing, one more time”) in their personal and professional lives. In his spare time, he enjoys writing about himself in the third person. Outro music by

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