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inspirational songs : I Love My Foster Mom and Dad by Inspirational Speaker Derek Clark

inspirational songs

I wrote this song as a dedication to all foster and adoptive parents. Thank you for working hard to restore love in a child or youth. I sincerely appreciate and love mine. I am so fortunate to have had foster parents who never gave up on me…even when I was not adoptable. My foster parents are very special to me, although being the hell-raiser I was, it wasn’t always obvious. I do consider them my Mom and Dad. They have earned it. They said they loved me but I continually tested the limits of their unconditional love. No doubt it was tested to the extreme. They had to put up with so much more than the average parents. I am so grateful for their love and patience. I would not be who I am today without their dedication, love and trusting that they would never give up on me. Trust was a big issue with me, If my own mother and father could throw me away, how could I trust anyone else…but I eventually let down my walls and let their love in. They loved and believed in me. They provided me with a home, family, hope and love. I treated them awful at times and yet, they never changed the locks on the front door. They worked with me even when I had so much baggage and behavioral problems growing up. Simply put, they believed in my greatness and they never gave up on me! Let us strive to give hope to others.Derek Clark is an inspiring motivational speaker, trainer and the author of the critically acclaimed I Will Never Give Up book series and Never Limit Your Life. Derek’s

This song says it all about never giving up hope on God. My 3 year old daughter sings along with me. It is amazing that she walked into my recording studio that day and started singing. Her voice is angelic in this song. Have you ever given up on God? Or been close to giving up on Him? I have. This is the story of a spiritual journey: from feeling abandoned by God to feeling embraced by God. For years I’d felt an oppressive weight bearing down on me: the burden of anger against God. Why did it feel like He never stuck up for me? Why didn’t He rescue me from the abuse, loneliness, and pain of a troubled childhood? Why didn’t He stop my parents from abandoning me to the foster care system? With every disappointment, I became more and more convinced He wasn’t there, wasn’t guiding me through my struggles. He either could not or would not comfort me during the hard times; the times I needed Him most. I didn’t fear God, and secretly despised Him. It was the drowning death and resuscitation of a young girl that forced me to rethink my contentious and unhealthy relationship with God. Knocked hard out of my irreligious complacency, I came to see tragedy, hope, suffering, and overcoming with new clarity and understanding. Adversity, I realized, can be one of God’s greatest blessings. This spiritual epiphany has filled me with immeasurable gratitude: for the breath of life, the goodness around me, and even for the sad, troubled past I had to overcome. This is a story about

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