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Les Brown – Take a moment to think before you act

les-brown Just stop! Take a moment to think before you act so that you are in control of yourself, your emotions and your responses. It is easy to justify unpleasant or rude behavior with excuses of being tired, overworked, or stressed.

Sometimes we take out the irritations of the moment or the day on our family, children, co-workers, or even the family pet.

What is the emotional tone of your family or your life? Is it harsh, cold, unforgiving, withdrawn, or warm, loving, open and embracing?

Take time each day to build and generate new verbal and non-verbal responses that will allow you to build your capacity to be a gentler, kinder, more compassionate, peaceful and loving person. This is a skill set that takes intentional rehearsal and practice ~ just like playing sports or working out.

If you find yourself acting often out of irritation, anger, or even rage, reflect on what excuse you use to make someone else the brunt of your bad attitude or worse ~ your bad behavior.

Decide that no excuse is worth the cost of emotional venting in public or in private ~ especially on those you love.

Do the hard work and the heart work to hold yourself to a higher standard.

Raise the bar on yourself, your attitude and your behavior!! You have something special! You have GREATNESS within you!

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