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inspirational songs : Good Place To Start (ORIGINAL)- Kendra and Krista (Tigirlily)

inspirational songs

Follow us on our FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Click on bottom to watch in HD Here is our latest original, Good Place to Start. The words to this song are words that we recommend to live by and how we hope to live by ourselves. A huge thanks to our teacher and videographer, Mr. Harvey and also to Chris Commisso/ThePianoShack, who produces the instrumentals for our originals. If you like this, please feel free to comment and share. Thank you for letting us share our music with you. We feel blessed. Filmed in Bismarck,ND Written and Performed by Kendra and Krista Vocals and Videography produced by Chris Harvey Instrumentals and Vocal mix produced by Chris Commisso/The PianoShack at Facebook: This song was originally inspired by two of our friends, Conner and Hayden, who asked us to write an inspirational song for a “Tom’s Shoe” video they produced. So, right when we got done with writing this song, we did an acoustic version for their video. When we thought about it and what “Tom’s Shoes” stands for….some the words that came to mind were…Giving and loving and trying to make a true difference in lives of others. Here is the link to that video LYRICS: Verse: When you look around what do you see, a whole world of suffering. I won’t stand there and do nothing. It’s up to us, I do believe. Pre Chorus: All start today, one step at a time. You’d be surprised, what can change in a blink of an eye. Chorus: When will I

Loneliness- Paul Williams

One of my favorite songs of the best singer/songwriter of all time Paul Hamilton Williams.NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!..I made this video for entertainment purposes only. I grew up listening to his music..a 10 yr old girl back in 1983, it amazes me how Paul Williams song could capture a young girl’s heart! All of his songs are just beautiful…beautiful!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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