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Inspirational Articles

Les Brown – Take a moment to think before you act

Just stop! Take a moment to think before you act so that you are in control of yourself, your emotions and your responses. It is easy to justify unpleasant or rude behavior with excuses of being tired, overworked, or stressed.

Sometimes we take out the irritations of the moment or the day on our family, children, co-workers, or even the family pet.

What is the emotional tone of your family or your life? Is it harsh, cold, unforgiving, withdrawn, or warm, loving, open and embracing?

Take time each day to build and generate new verbal and non-verbal responses that will… Continue reading

Les Brown – Forgive Yourself and Move On

Forgive yourself and move on. Release the need to rehash, review or relive what you could have, should have or would have done. Instead, be aware of what you learned about yourself.

Look at what the situation showed you that you were unwilling to see. Forgive yourself…despite your choices, actions or inaction and in spite of your lack of knowledge or misplaced trust. There may be consequences and responsibilities that you must face.

Avoidance and denial are poor substitutes for decisive action. Stop swinging at yourself with a super-sized bat. Put it down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and… Continue reading

Inspirational quotes

An inspirational quote about life is helpful to realize that the future belongs to those people who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Many people will start every day off thinking about some of the famous quotes that have been said throughout our history. These quotes are used to keen them focused on their goals in life as they think about these great men and women who have helped to shape our world. For those who don’t do this, the importance of thinking about, reading or listening to daily inspirational quotes cannot be overstated. Not everyone is self motivated;… Continue reading

Inspirational People

We have all heard stories of amazing people who have overcome incredible odds in order to reach their goals. We read and hear about these people an are usually in awe. Many of us will become inspired enough to start taking action in order to change our lives while others will just see these stories as something that occurred because of luck. What many people don’t realize is that although these inspirational people have achieved a lot in their lives, they also had to go through many setbacks and challenges.

It’s easy to look hear stories like this and write… Continue reading